News: Web hosting at HosurOnline now goes Green

Published: 21/02/2014

HosurOnline now uses Green Energy for its servers located at Hosur.  From 19th of this month, we at HosurOnline, have started using solar energy to provide electricity to the servers located in our data centre at Hosur.

As a previliged customer of our web hosting services and a regular user of our web portal, there are two advantages for you, because of we going Green:

  1. There won't be any power shortage or power shutdown in our data centre as the power is produced using solar energy and we depend less on TNEB - There by giving you a better server/network uptime gaurentee. 

  2. As the most part of the energy required is generated using solar energy, we are saving the earth, helping in keeping it green.  We have not dumped conventional energy sources, there by avoid less usage of batteries which pollute the environment and harm earth than Solar energy saving the earth.